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The Band “The Shins” Publishes New Album on Tape

The Shins - Port of Morrow - 7'' Tape

The Shins - Port of Morrow - 7'' Tape

The band The Shins is releasing the new album Port of Morrow on a variety of media, including reel to reel tape, vinyl, cd and mp3.

The RTR release is on 1/4” tape recorded at 7.5 IPS. Package contains a 7” reel. Limited edition, numbered box.

Vinyl is 12”, 180 gram.

New Albums Released on Tape: Yarlung Records Catalog

GRAMMY® Award winning Yarlung Records propose a catalog of classical music albums recorded with audiophile techniques and released on several media including  analog tape and 180gr vinyl.


Analog Tape at Yarlung Records

Yarlung Records follow a minimalist approach when capturing music performances: from tube mics (AKG C-24, Neumann U47..) through custom tube preamps, then straight to a two-track recorder (both analog and digital machines for tape, lp and cd releases).

Tapes releases are 1/4” format, half-track and are individually duplicated from masters for each client.

Current list of albums on tapes includes:

  • Janaki String Trio – Debut
  • Elinor Frey & David Fung – Dialogues for ‘cello and piano
  • The Art of the Violin – Petteri Iivonen
  • Antonio Lysy at The Broad – Music from Argentina

Visit Yarlung Records at their site here.

TapeProject: Classic Albums Released on Tape, Dubs from Original Masters

Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby

Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby

TapeProject offers a catalog of classic albums they release on SM468 1/4 half-track tapes from original masters.
These tracks are among the highest resolution analog sources ever available for hi-end home listening.

As licenses that TapeProject acquires for duplicating masters are time-limited, the contents of their catalog varies over time. TapeProjects tapes are available through a subscription scheme. An hi-end tape deck is required for playback, the website lists their recommended Ampex, Otari, Technics and Revox/Studer models.

Visit TapeProject catalog of high resolution tapes here.