Echorec Models used by Pink Floyd

New section of the Echorec Bible dedicated to an original research on every Echorec model used by the Pink Floyd during their career. Hundreds of pictures and videos have been analyzed frame by frame in order to identify all the units available on stage or in studio. Read the results of part 1 (1966 – 1971) in the Echorec Bible. Part 2 (1972-1977) coming next.

Echorec models and Pink Floyd: Legend
Icon Description
Echorec Baby Echorec Baby. There is a single model.
Echorec 1 T5E Echorec 1. There is a single model.
Echorec 2 T5E Echorec 2 T5E, T6FA or T7E. In general, without a close picture, it’s impossible to tell one model from the others.
Echorec 2 T6FA Guild Echorec 2 T6FA. The T6FA for the American market has chicken-head knobs and some minor differences that can be told at some distance.
Echorec PE 603 T Echorec PE 603 series. At least one of the PE603 units has been identified in several different locations/dates as a TU.
Dark Side of the Moon Album related event (such as the first day of the first recording session or the album release day)

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