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NORTRONICS Tape Head Guide

Professional tape head replacement guide by Nortronics, in pdf format.



The document is still hosted on the Nortronics site however the company’s stock of over 56.000 heads has been acquired by JRF Magnetics after liquidation and items are available for purchase.

View the Nortronics tape head guide here.

Magnetic heads: reconditioning or replacing?

JRF Magnetic Sciences provide a relapping service for magnetic recording head reconditioning, from 2 to 24 tracks.

Inspections before relapping:

  • Gap Condition (Optical Comparitor-50x/or Microscope up to 1000x)
  • Depth of Wear (Optical Comparitor)
  • Inductance (Digital Bridge/All tracks)
  • D.C. Resistance/All Tracks

Reelapping and polishing process. Ferrite heads are polished by utilizing diamond compounds and vapor spraying technology.

After relapping:

  • Complete Optical Inspection (up to 1000x)
  • Inductance (all tracks)
  • Mounting, Wiring and Optical Alignment (optional)

A report on the whole process is sent to customers after completion.

JRF Magnetic Sciences also sells original and 3rd party heads in case replacement is preferred. They even have their own PLX line of replacement heads.

Visit JRF Magnetic Sciences here.