Echorec Bible: Pink Floyd and Echorecs Timeline Completed

Part 2 (1972-1977)  of the Echorec Bible section dedicated to an original research by AudioExMachina on every Echorec model used by the Pink Floyd during their career. Hundreds of pictures and videos have been analyzed frame by frame in order to identify all the units available on stage or in studio. Read the Pink Floyd and Echorecs timeline in the Echorec Bible.


Echorec models and Pink Floyd: Legend
Icon Description
Echorec Baby Echorec Baby. There is a single model.
Echorec 1 T5E Echorec 1. There is a single model.
Echorec 2 T5E Echorec 2 T5E, T6FA or T7E. In general, without a close picture, it’s impossible to tell one model from the others.
Echorec 2 T6FA Guild Echorec 2 T6FA. The T6FA for the American market has chicken-head knobs and some minor differences that can be told at some distance.
Echorec PE 603 T Echorec PE 603 series. At least one of the PE603 units has been identified in several different locations/dates as a TU.
Dark Side of the Moon Album related event (such as the first day of the first recording session or the album release day)

3 responses to “Echorec Bible: Pink Floyd and Echorecs Timeline Completed

  • Kristian Kriesel

    Syd Barret’s Binson, Hi i was just wondering what happened to Syd Barrets Binson? You can’t hear it on any of his solo albums even on long instrumentals Lanky/Ramadan etc there’s no echo, Did he sell it to the floyd after being outed? Did he never own the unit in the first place or did it simply brake down?

    • audioexmachina

      Good questions Kristian!

      Firstly, the Baby unit was used only by Syd. After Syd left there’s not a single Floyd’s picture/filmframe where the Echorec Baby can be seen again.

      The last time ever Syd’s Echorec appeared on film was on the BBC program:

      Pink Floyd – ‘Tomorrow’s World’, BBC1 TV, Dec 12 1967

      The footage displays a timecode in the top part of the frame. Look for

      TRC 10:05:23:09

      Behind Roger, just beside Syd, there’s the Echorec. Since that moment, that Echorec disappeared.

      The footage was shot in a building owned by lights-technician Mike Leonard. The Floyds rented that house and lived there for some time. We were in 1967.

      Fast forward to 2012… That same building was on auction a few months after Mike Leonard’s death.

      The BBC website hosts a page dated 18 September 2012, titled “Pink Floyd’s former Highgate home up for sale”. In that page a video shows the interiors of the Leonard’s building being auctioned. A view of the attic reveals, laying on a rusty vibraphone… a rusty Echorec! However that’s an Echorec 2 model, still no news on Syd’s device…

      • Kristian Kriesel

        Thanks, I’m not so interested in tracking down Syd’s Binson as i am finding out why he didn’t use it on his solo albums, I guess you could describe his solo stuff as mainly acoustic, and the need for the Binson is not so important, However on Ramadan or Lanky i’m not sure you can here him trying to play interstellar overdrive type sounds except without the echo even the bleeps it doesn’t sound nearly as good of course.

        I think Tonight lets all make love in London shows Syd at his best in particularly Nicks Boogie “Jan 67” and in one of the many books on him it stated that the Floyd came across the Binson from some old guy they rented a place from in 65 who had a museum of old stuff in his attic, Sounds a bit similar to the story you mentioned.

        Anyhow someday someone come forward and let a little more light on the story.

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