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More reel to reel decks: United Home Audio !

I’ve recently talked about the ATR10 in this page. This time it’s turn of United Home Audio HQ series.

UHA reel to reels

UHA-HQ decks

UHA-HQ decks are based on recent TASCAM reel to reel units, with modified electronics, heads, power transformers and parts, depending on model. They are compatibile with prerecorded tapes included in the Tape Project catalog, discussed here.

We’re talking about machines intended to perform at their best for esoteric hifi listening. However it’s interesting to note that they can record as well, unlike the more common REPRO units often used as hi-end playback devices.

Here is a summary of UHA-HQ models (and for each one, a note describing the main improvement over the previous one).

  •  Phase 5 – new playback preamp
  •  Phase 6 – new UHA-HQ playback head
  •  Phase 7 – new UHA-HQ recording head
  •  Phase 8 – audiophile toroidal power supply – new playback and recording preamps
  •  Phase 9 – new esoterics caps on play and rec boards, nearly DC-coupled signal path

(complete details about differences are available at UHA site).

Features (some depend on model):

  •  Tape: 1/4”
  •  Reels: up to 10 1/2”
  •  Heads: half-track, capable of record and playback
  •  Speeds: 7 1/2 and 15 IPS – 19 cm/s and 38 cm/s
  •  EQ: NAB and IEC
  •  Servo-controlled tape tension
  •  Sealed bearings on the idlers
  •  XLR and/or RCA inputs and outputs – selectable RCA output of +6db or +12db

Visit the UHA-HQ series page at UHA site.