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Studer-Revox Interest Group in Germany, Provides Servicing, Parts, Devices

A little known gem, the IRS e. V. (Studer-Revox Interest Group) is a private association of fans in Hamburg (northern Germany) devoted to preserving the heritage of Willi Studer, died 84 years old on Friday, March 1 1996.

IRS e. V. has a paid membership program including:

  • repair and servicing for two devices a year, at the sole cost of parts, no labor costs
  • delivery of spare parts at the club’s cost of purchase.
  • a two-week preemption right on devices on sales
  • discount and warranty on devices on sale
ISR - Studer-Revox Interest Group

ISR - Studer-Revox Interest Group

The IRS e. V. clubhouse is open during weekdays (and weekends on appointment) for Studer-Revox fans to visit. The IRS e. V. website is here.





Hi-End Hifi Upgrades for the Revox B77 / PR99 Reel to Reel Decks

The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society site hosts an interesting paper describing a step by step procedure for upgrading the B77 and PR99 Revox models for higher playback quality. The document is a work by Arian Jansen of Sonorus Audio. We talked about Sonorus Audio’s
ATR10 tube reel to reel deck here

The modified machine becomes a playback-only device, addressing hi-end hifi listening, however it is possible to preserve recording functionality by applying only part of the modifications.

The guide contains DIY instruction to perform:

  1. doubling operating speed up to 15 IPS, for lower speed models (US residents only, due to 60Hz power-supply requirement)
  2. conversion from NAB to IEC EQ
  3. upgrading the output capacitors to higher specs components
  4. removing from signal path the components (a couple of transistors) required for auto-muting, used to suppress audio output during ff/rew operations.

Visit the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society site here and the document in pdf format here.