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The Binson 7.

The Binson7: Echorec disc memory module, Binson PreMixer, Binson 100w/200W power amp into a single cabinet.

BINSON 7 – top, disc cover.

BINSON 7 – top, disc cover.

One of these unique units from 1972, mentioned earlier in the EM6 and the EC10 2×10 sections as an extremely rare ancestor of those machines, was finally tracked in Greece as part of a recently discovered NOS Binson inventory and now has its dedicated place in the Echorec Bible.

The beautiful Binson7 photographed for this article  travelled in time from 1972 to 2015 still in its sealed original box.

Photo session for the Echorec Bible by Christos Botsis from Greece. Thanks Chris!

Read the new dedicated Binson7 section of the Echorec Bible.


Strangest Beasts: the Echorec EC10 2×10

The rarest version of a rare model: the cyan/blue Echorec EC-10 2×10 photographed by Giorgio Montagna of Montagna Hi-end Audio Systems. An intermediate design that connects the early 70’s Binson 7 and EM6 with the mid-70’s EC series. See the EC10 2×10 in its new dedicated section of the Echorec Bible here.

Echorec EC10 : rare cyan version

Echorec EC10 : rare cyan version