Pink Floyd Exhibition – Their Mortal Remains (Milan, Sep 19 – Oct 19, 2014)

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1. The Event

The hometown on the Echorec will host the “PINK FLOYD EXHIBITION: THEIR MORTAL REMAINS”, a retrospective  celebrating five decades of the Floyd’s work. More than 300 objects will arrive in Milan from collectors around the world and from the band members themselves.

The opening is on September 19th, 2014 (POSTPONED) and the event will run until October 19th, 2014  (POSTPONED) Location: La Fabbrica del Vapore (the Steam Factory), Milano, Italia.

Aubrey Powell, co-founder of the album cover design company Hipgnosis with Storm Thorgerson, is the creative director.  Starting with Pink Floyd’s A Saucerful of Secrets in 1968, Hipgnosis created all the band album covers up to the end of the 70’s.

Stufish is also involved in the exhibition as stage designers. The company founder, Mark Fisher, in the 70’s was commissioned inflatable sculptures for the Floyd’s 1976 tour Animals. Mark was a specialist in the field, having founded his first company focussing on portable structures for entertainment (Air Structures Design) when he was still a student in architecture.

Three years later, in 1979, Mark was asked to design the Floyd show ‘The Wall’. In 1990 he continued his work with Roger Water’s ‘The Wall’ concert in Berlin, then again with the 2010/1012 ‘The Wall’ world tour.

2. The Location: La Fabbrica del Vapore

La Fabbrica del Vapore (the Steam Factory) is an exhibition area arose from a one-centrury old decommissioned factory located in Milan, Italy. The complex was built by a mechanical engineering company, known as Carminati Toselli, founded in 1899 and specializing in

             "production, repair, sales of vehicles for railways and tramways".

Due to the massive shift from horse traction to steam and electric traction at the beginning of the XX century, Carminati Toselli’s business expanded considerably.

 SteamFactory03  SteamFactory05

In 1907 the company attracted new shareholders and name was changed to Societa’ Italiana Carminati Toselli. Despite a general operations slowdown due to the First World War, employees exceeded 1300 in 1920.

After another decade and a half, business activities came to an end, the company closed and the factory was dismissed in 1935.

 SteamFactory01  SteamFactory02

One of the major customers ordering trams to Carminati Toselli was the town of Milan and its railway system. In 1984 one of these vehicles was sent from Italy to the USA for the Trolley Festival in San Francisco. It proved so reliable that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency ordered ten Carminati Toselli trams for its historical fleet. Systematically serviced and upgraded with GPS, they are still operational nowadays on the F-line.

If you are in San Francisco and happen to ride one among 1807,1811,1814,1815,1818,1856,1859,1888,1893 or 1895 trams, then you’re on a Carminati Toselli built in 1928 at La Fabbrica del Vapore!

Carminati Toselli Trolley in San Francisco. Courtesy of Leo Laksi

Carminati Toselli Trolley in San Francisco. Courtesy of Leo Laksi


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