The Echorec EM6

Two new entries in the Echorec Bible model listing: the silver EM6 and black EM6.

The EM6 is an all-in-one device composed by a 4+1 head Echorec and a 6 channel preamp/mixer. Both the Echorec and the premixer are solid state. The EM6 was proposed in 1974 as the ideal preamp  for the PF series of Binson solid state power amps (PF100 and PF200).

The EM6 has a flat control panel on top evolved from that of the 1972 Amplificatore 7, the very first Echorec system designed for horizontal operations. Since the EM6 every newer Echorec series (starting with the EC) feature flat top panels only.

Two liveries for the EM6: cyan/silver (same as the Amplificatore 7) and cyan/black. The PF series power amps have been offered in matching silver or black colorations. Check the EM6 in the Echorec Bible model listing.



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