Echorec Bible Maintenance Update

Maintenance update for the Echorec Bible. In order to provide the maximum possible accuracy the 1965 Echorec B2 entry has been splitted in two separate records: the B2 itself and the T5E B2.

A batch of B2 units, identified as T5E, was produced under the Binson C.R.E.B. label, while the B2 was produced under the Binson s.n.c. label. Please note that the same T5E acronym is used also for  the 6-knob Echorec1 and Echorec2 models: see the Echorec Bible for details.


3 responses to “Echorec Bible Maintenance Update

  • Stig Hansson

    I was given 2 old Binson Echorec model B1S, Both have the same model B1S but when i tock the cover off i vas surprised one have tuba electronics and the other have semiconduktors/transistor. Could anyone explane for me whats going on. I cant find no difference on the net.
    If anyone wish, i can mail pics of the item.

    Stig Hansson

    • audioexmachina

      Welcome Stig!
      Very interesting. First thing to do would be to check if there are three or just one audio I/O connector on the side panel. In case of three connectors the chassis is probably a B2, introduced in 1965 for tube models, and later used for solid-state electronics starting 1971. Please let us know. I’m also sending you an email right now, thanks.

      • stickan

        Thanks for your answer!
        Both looks the same on the outside, they have one input and one output their serialnumbers are: tubeBinson 1353 and solid stateBinson have1745.
        In the tubeversion is 2 ECC83 and 1 ECC82 3 tubes in all (+ the eye EM81)
        and in the semicond.version is 5 BC209 in the signalway.
        Both running quite well. All currentcables are very bad they pulverizes so i have to change them all to beguin with.
        I can shoot same pictures so you all out there can see, it would be in the beginning of the new year.

        By the way!

        Happy new year!

        Stig Hansson

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