Studer-Revox Interest Group in Germany, Provides Servicing, Parts, Devices

A little known gem, the IRS e. V. (Studer-Revox Interest Group) is a private association of fans in Hamburg (northern Germany) devoted to preserving the heritage of Willi Studer, died 84 years old on Friday, March 1 1996.

IRS e. V. has a paid membership program including:

  • repair and servicing for two devices a year, at the sole cost of parts, no labor costs
  • delivery of spare parts at the club’s cost of purchase.
  • a two-week preemption right on devices on sales
  • discount and warranty on devices on sale
ISR - Studer-Revox Interest Group

ISR - Studer-Revox Interest Group

The IRS e. V. clubhouse is open during weekdays (and weekends on appointment) for Studer-Revox fans to visit. The IRS e. V. website is here.





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