The Echorec EM6

The EM6: the first and only device that integrates an Echorec memory module and a Binson PreMixer unit. This rare model, mentioned earlier in the Echorec EC10 2×10 section as the ancestor of that strange machine, now has its dedicated place in the Echorec Bible.

The EM6 photo set was kindly contributed by Tom Hughes of For Musicians Only, East Haven, CT (USA). Thanks Tom!

Read all the details in the dedicated EM6 section of the Echorec Bible.

Echorec EM6

Echorec EM6

Pink Floyd Exhibition: the location.

New page dedicated exclusively to the Pink Floyd Exhibition to be held in Milan in fall 2014. The first two sections added provide a general overview of the event and details about the location, a one century old dismissed factory. And, if you’re from San Francisco, a little surprise…

The page is reachable from the Echorec Bible index page, or directly from this link.

Carminati Toselli Trolley in San Francisco. Courtesy of Leo Laksi

Carminati Toselli Trolley in San Francisco. Courtesy of Leo Laksi

Strangest Beasts: the Echorec EC10 2×10

The rarest version of a rare model: the cyan/blue Echorec EC-10 2×10 photographed by Giorgio Montagna of Montagna Hi-end Audio Systems. An intermediate design that connects the early 70′s Binson 7 and EM6 with the mid-70′s EC series. See the EC10 2×10 in its new dedicated section of the Echorec Bible here.

Echorec EC10 : rare cyan version

Echorec EC10 : rare cyan version

The Echorec EM6

Two new entries in the Echorec Bible model listing: the silver EM6 and black EM6.

The EM6 is an all-in-one device composed by a 4+1 head Echorec and a 6 channel preamp/mixer. Both the Echorec and the premixer are solid state. The EM6 was proposed in 1974 as the ideal preamp  for the PF series of Binson solid state power amps (PF100 and PF200).

The EM6 has a flat control panel on top evolved from that of the 1972 Amplificatore 7, the very first Echorec system designed for horizontal operations. Since the EM6 every newer Echorec series (starting with the EC) feature flat top panels only.

Two liveries for the EM6: cyan/silver (same as the Amplificatore 7) and cyan/black. The PF series power amps have been offered in matching silver or black colorations. Check the EM6 in the Echorec Bible model listing.


Largest Pink Floyd retrospective in history to be held in Milan, Italy, in 2014.

The hometown on the Echorec will host the “PINK FLOYD EXHIBITION: THEIR MORTAL REMAINS”, a retrospective  celebrating five decades of the Floyd’s work. More than 300 objects will arrive in Milan from collectors around the world and from the band members themselves.

The opening is on September 19th, 2014 and the event will run until October 19th, 2014. Location: La Fabbrica del Vapore (the Steam Factory), Milano, Italia.

Aubrey Powell, co-founder of the album cover design company Hipgnosis with Storm Thorgerson, is the creative director.  Starting with Pink Floyd’s A Saucerful of Secrets in 1968, Hipgnosis created all the band album covers up to the end of the 70′s.

Stufish is also involved in the exhibition as stage designers. The company founder, Mark Fisher, in the 70′s was commissioned inflatable sculptures for the Floyd’s 1976 tour Animals. Mark was a specialist in the field, having founded his first company focussing on portable structures for entertainment (Air Structures Design) when he was still a student in architecture.

Three years later, in 1979, Mark was asked to design the Floyd show ‘The Wall’. In 1990 he continued his work with Roger Water’s ‘The Wall’ concert in Berlin, then again with the 2010/1012 ‘The Wall’ world tour.

The AudioExMachina Echorec Bible will provide extended coverage about the event and related news.

Echorec Bible Maintenance Update

Maintenance update for the Echorec Bible. In order to provide the maximum possible accuracy the 1965 Echorec B2 entry has been splitted in two separate records: the B2 itself and the T5E B2.

A batch of B2 units, identified as T5E, was produced under the Binson C.R.E.B. label, while the B2 was produced under the Binson s.n.c. label. Please note that the same T5E acronym is used also for  the 6-knob Echorec1 and Echorec2 models: see the Echorec Bible for details.

Echorec EC10 Picture Set from Montagna Loudspeakers

Giorgio Montagna of italian  Montagna Hi-end Loudspeaker Systems  ( contributed a beautiful set of pictures dedicated to the Echorec EC10. Beside the interest related to this model (featuring the largest amount of magnetic heads ever on an Echorec) there is more: this specific unit comes with an unusual control-panel layout, different from stock EC10 models.  This is either a pre-production unit or a custom-built one.

The material is being edited and will later nicely fit into a dedicated section of the Echorec Bible. Meanwhile, here is a teaser showing the terrific magnetic drum assembly of the EC10. Thanks Giorgio!

Echorec EC10 Magnetic Drum

Echorec EC10 Magnetic Drum


Strangest Beasts: the unknown Echorec Mod. G7

A misterious Echorec model recently surfaced in Belgium, thanks to Izy Holvoet.  This device is not documented anywhere else on the internet. Origin is still unknown.

Is it really an Echorec? Or was it an Echorec then evolved in something different?

Even if not metioned explicitly anywhere, indirect clues about its existence have been found, leading to an italian researcher from the 50′s, otolaryngology books and what seems to be an… Echorec-based medical instrument?

Read what has been just discovered about the strangest Echorec ever, the Mod. G7, in the new section of the Echorec Bible: Strangest Beasts


Mod. G7 Echorec-based device


14 Binson Preamps for Your Echorec

New Echorec Bible section covering Binson preamp/mixers with dedicated send/return channels for the Echorec. Complete catalog featuring eleven tube models and three transistor models from the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s.

Part one of this new section lists all models and features. Forthcoming part two will explain differences among the 4 generations of Binson preamps for the Echorec.

Consult the new section, Dedicated Preamp Models and Features in the Echorec Bible.


Binson Echorec repair service review

Glad to publish a message sent by Pete Tatooles from Chicago. He was looking for an Echorec repair specialist in his area and posted a request for info in the comment section of the Echorec Bible. Checking my notes the ideal candidate was John Hamley’s Brunswick Amplifier LLC, located in Brunswick, Ohio.

Pete speaks:

Thanks to Audioexmachina for the referral to the top technical Echorec service engineer in the Midwest – and if not the USA. When all routes to the proper person for the job got nowhere, I took the advice here and sent my vintage Binson T7E to Cleveland, Ohio for reconditioning. Let me say I am speechless with the results :

 “Sometimes crossing fingers helps …. 
   the Echorec specialist in my lists that’s closest to you is:”

                 John Hamley
                 Brunswick Amplifier LLC
                 PO Box 222
                 Brunswick, Ohio 44212

Jedi master John Hamley brought an echoless T7E in ultra-mint condition back to life. I would certainly send any unit to him, as he knows the design, and can do wonders from simple calibration to full rewire and rebuild.

This is what you get: a full assessment of your Binson’s condition from the dials to the motor, a full diagnosis of what needs to be done, a complete explanation of costs up front, and a thorough examination of your Binson to the schematics of the original product.

Once this is done John does his magic from his state of the art workshop. John knows Binson, I originally sent mine to a highly regarded shop in Chicago, but they had no experience and couldn’t tackle the job. John is an ELECTRICAL ENGINEER and can bring the Binson Echorec back to it’s full glory.

He is fairly priced and cares for his customers, from receipt of the unit until weeks after follow up. Why? Because he knows what he’s doing and he loves his work. In fact he will go over all repairs remotely via video conference on Skype with your unit – you can talk about everything relating to the project.

All John asks is CAREFUL packaging for the outbound and inbound trips. Our dear Binsons don’t like travel and need a safe journey – so take care in your packaging for shipment.

 **So my T7E was one of the “mystery” supposed PF Echorecs that appeared in the last 6 years or so. We will never know if it’s was real, but it is a vintage piece of gear that now sings in the full glory of our beloved drum echo. Cheers John Hamley and everyone who reads this awesome website, what a great resource!

Shine On!

Pete T.


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